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About Us

GlobePay Inc is the safe, secure and easy way to pay and get paid online. The services provided by GlobPayInc allows payments to be made through internet, without sharing their financial information. A GlobPayInc account can be funded with Debit card, Credit card and an electronic debit from a bank account. The recipient of a GlobPayInc transfer can establish their own GlobPayInc deposit account or request a transfer to their bank account linked with GlobPayInc account.

GlobPayInc performs payment processing for online vendors, auction sites, and other commercial users, for which it does not charges any fee. Fees only apply to withdrawing money and foreign exchange. Everything else is FREE!

GlobPayInc is a leading company in online payment solutions in India with more than thousands of accounts worldwide. Specially, GlobPayInc is designed to keep in mind payment gateway services. Business account holders can accept payments online through their website instantly.

GlobPayInc staff members are energetic technocrats with extensive experience in Software, Internet & Web based Technologies. Each personnel undergoes thorough training on customer service, communication, management to produce effective results along with the latest technical training, prevalent in the market. GlobPayInc is committed to create a new level of success. Our vast assortment of services is designed to facilitate clients to reduce cost, increase profits, protect their business and build the goodwill for their brands.

Our Team consists of highly experienced IT engineers, Software analysts, Administrative and consultants for varied IT related queries, who keep themselves updated with technology. The team is encouraged to apply their knowledge using their intellect qualities in R & D to produce better results for the business. Our team constantly works on different aspects that are essential to reduce the frauds in online business, like Risk Management Software and fraud detection tools that work on number of parameters. We always believed that it is the passion that creates value. And it is the sets of value system that creates a stronger company. We are a team of very passionate and committed individuals. Passionate about our beliefs and committed to make this happen. We shall be promoting leaders internally. We are a young company and have a very characteristic of a dynamic and growing company with the excitement, the ambition, the aspiration & the will to make it happen !!

Located in Gurgaon, India, GlobPayInc was founded in 2011.