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Safety Advice

Tips,Tools & Technology for fraud fighting:

  • Never disclose your GlobPayInc password to anyone.
  • Never disclose your Master key to anyone.
  • Never reply an email asking you to update or provide GlobPayInc password or Masterkey.
  • This is called "Phishing" where fraudsters lure critical information and then use it for illegal financial transactions.
  • Never tell your contact mail id & password (both) to anyone on which GlobPayInc send messages to you.

Here are few safeguards that you can take:

  • Avoid e-mailing personal or critical information to anyone.
  • Always type the website address ( ) in your browser bar.
  • Don't reveal your personal or financial information through a received email or pop-up message to anyone.
  • Tell us immediately if you find any suspicious mail to