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Services and Features

Open Account :
Open a free account Online within 5 minutes without any documentation.
Send Payment :
Send Payment free for your Online Purchases without sharing your financial information.
Receive Payment :
Receive Payment instantly from your customers for Selling products and Services Online.
Add funds :
Add funds to your GlobPayInc account using your local bank account.
Withdraw funds :
Withdraw funds to your local bank account from your GlobPayInc account.
Link bank account :
Link up to three local bank account with your GlobPayInc account for adding and withdrawing funds.
Future Payment :
Make future payments free without having funds in your account. You just have to need to have 2% of the total sending amount in your account.
Mass Payment :
Mass Payment allows anyone with a Personal or Business account to send multiple payments instantly - saving time, money and the hassle of having to individually send funds to every payment recipient.
Earn Money :
Earn Money for each referral by just referring your Friends, Colleagues and Business Associates.